Anti Drone Systems


DJI AeroScope is a comprehensive drone DETECTION and TRACKING platform that rapidly identifies drone communication links, gathering information such as location, flight status, paths, and other information in real-time. This data helps users make an informed response as soon as possible about unauthorized drone incursions into permanent sites of interest or temporary events and can be integrated with existing security systems to efficiently provide an integrated monitoring system.

Available in a Portable form factor and Fixed Installations, AeroScope is designed for continuous protection of areas from a few kilometers up to a range of 50 km.

The AeroScope ensures anti-drone counter measures such as drone jammer guns to become useful as these devices can then be pointed in the right direction to intercept rogue drones coming into restricted airspace which normally cannot be seen.

The AeroScope also importantly records flight data, drone ID and pilot locations to enable forensic evidence to be presented for various stakeholders.

Who Is DJI Aeroscope For?

AeroScope was designed to be used at the disposal of police forces, aviation authorities, approved security firms and third parties such as owners of sensitive infrastructure like power and petrochemical plants.

Key areas where AeroScope can be deployed include airports, prisons, government offices, restricted premises, disaster sites and large events such as open-air concerts.

The AeroScope can be transported dependent on the user’s needs, allowing institutions like the police to use AeroScope whenever it’s required.

DJI's Mission With Aeroscope

The drone industry is unique. It has expanded so quickly that regulations haven’t been able to keep up and the AeroScope is aimed at preventing negligent and irresponsible drone use. This technology is made to track pilots flying in areas they shouldn’t have been flying in due to privacy and safety concerns.

The AeroScope is an affordable solution to drone detection and tracking when compared to any competing product.

Drone Jammers

The UAV Jammer UAV-D04JA is the first anti-UAV defense product developed with independent IPR. It offers defense against illegal UAVs by interfering the data link and is capable of "capturing"(hovering, dropping and deviating) the intrusive UAVs.

Key Features

  • Long-range accurate "capturing": Interference distance is up 1Km
  • Covers main UAV frequency bands, with strong applicability: Support multi-band frequency interference, with adjustable transmitted power for each frequency band
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to deploy, and can be operated by one person


Can be widely used in:

  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Power Plants
  • Government buildings
  • Important meetings
  • Mass gatherings
  • Sports events
and other sensitive places and events.