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Are you great with thinking out of the box?

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To work smarter and faster without breaking a sweat?

And if you believe that drones are the game changers to revolutionise work as we know it, we'll love to hear from you to be a part of our team.

Positions Open

Contributing to the development of next-generation autonomous aircrafts, you are adept at designing and developing hard and soft unmanned aerial system solutions.

With a passion for discovery, innovation and ability to harness the power of advanced analytics to understand and see what is hidden. You use data and technology to solve real-world problems.

Reasonably proficient in a variety of technical areas and a good grounding in various engineering disciplines makes you a unique type of engineer. Able to use data and technology to move the world forward.

Intelligent and streetwise in technology and workflow sales. You love cultivating and bringing to life new business opportunities.

Experienced in drone inspections, highly organised, efficient and able to employ a systematic approach to capture quality data with high consistency.


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