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Our deep understanding of unmanned aerial systems and remote sensing make us a perfect go to partner for your end-to-end drone solutions.

Our services provide you with a quick resource-free route to deploying drone solutions for your business.

You may also approach us to help you with specific requirements in:

  • AI Analytics
  • Consultancy
  • Custom Builds
  • Data Acquisition
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Training

Industry Specific Services

We are able to provide solar plant owners with high efficiency aerial inspections to support their operations & maintenance programs.

From complete data acquisition to data analytics and reporting, ProDrones removes the need for CAPEX investment and management of costly aerial inspection equipment and resources.

In addition, with the use of our bespoke AI and machine learning engines that identify PV anomalies and problems, we are able to provide timely and accurate reports for stakeholders to manage product warranties, ensure plant efficiency and health, scrutinize risks and to surpass performance KPI expectations.

Our Surveys provide Mining Operators with quick and accurate site data improving productivity and safety resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

From blasting analysis to volumetric assessment of rock face and stockpile inventories, environmental impact assessments to statutory submissions, ProDrones can assist.

Precision Agriculture becomes a reality with our drone and remote sensing technology.

From new plantation planning to plant health management, we can help with informed decisions. Our data will enable you to be both effective and efficient at each stage of your farming workflow ensuring maximum yield with minimal usage of resources.

High Resolution Mapping for LUC Analysis, Accurate Tree Counts, Plant Health Analysis and Precision Fertilization are the modern Farmer’s tools for the highest possible sustainable output. ProDrones can assist.

Using fully or semi-autonomous drone systems, we are able to enhance any existing infrastructure and security workflows and provide 24/7 eye-in-the-sky security of any designated area or event.

Our end-to-end service include training of site personnel to building centralized control & command centers and deployment of smart security drones that never sleep or suffer inconsistencies in security patrols.

ProDrones have partnered with DataFromSky to provide a service to evaluate safety, capacity and efficiency of traffic infrastructure.

From aerial data captures of target areas to processing analytics, we provide Private / Academic Communities, Local Councils / Property Developers, Highway Concessionaires, Department of Roads / Urban Planners, and various stakeholders requiring traffic analysis and environmental impact assessments on traffic.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence it is now possible to obtain accurate data analysis that could help improve existing roadways or plan new road systems for the future.

We offer transmission and distribution companies of electricity multiple services to keep power infrastructure working efficiently and safely.

Using drone technology, various sensors and bespoke applications, we execute different types of inspections to detect civil and material degradation, anomalies or malfunctions as soon as possible.

We also provide predictive vegetation analysis within the transmission corridors as well as data management and AI analytics to ensure timely processing of gathered inspection data.

With our aerial systems, we are able to provide our clients with ultra-fast, efficient and new forms of actionable data previously impossible with slow and dangerous human inspections.

At ProDrones we provide an effective way to inspect and manage cell tower equipment and infrastructure with improved speed, efficiency, safety and systems for data management.

Our inspections are conducted at a safe distance with high zoom + thermal cameras and optional microwave analyzers with towers remaining fully functional during inspections.

Our out-to-in inspections provide 360° quality verifiable and actionable data for various stakeholders. All done without human risk and huge insurance costs.

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