Traffic Analytics

What if there was a tool to evaluate safety, capacity and efficiency of our roadways?

We have developed exactly that tool and it is called DataFromSky. Our road traffic has become a major safety concern, a great loss of productivity and time for all levels of community and businesss and it is only getting worse.

With DataFromSky, it is now possible to obtain accurate data analysis that could help improve existing roadways or plan new road systems for the future.

Data collection is performed by drones commercially at the target areas.

Recorded videos are auto-analysed by the Extractor tool to extract trajectories and classifications.

The output is distributed back to the client together with a software to determine further analytics and to use the data to improve existing or new private and public roadways and traffic systems.

Who Could Benefit From DataFromSky?

  • Private & Academic Communities
  • Local Councils & Property Developers
  • Higway Concessionaires & Road Authorities
  • Various Stakeholders requiring Environmental Impact Assessment Reports on traffic
    Busy Afternoon in Gurugram, India
    Tracking of Pedestrians in Crowded Environment